In the largest Community led project ever undertaken by any City, we are mapping and tracking all that is great about Birmingham.

This digital space maintained with the help of community will continue to grow as a reference point for both visitors and residents to maximise their Birmingham experience by engaging with more places, more passions and most importantly, more people.

This digital space and new App is in-development.

To find out more and to get involved contact Jonathan Bostock

People with passion

By engaging people who live and work in Birmingham who are passionate about their city, and by using digital methods and social media dedicated to driving social value, we’re featuring this great City passion by passion.

We’re giving people in community their own digital workspace to connect, collaborate and showcase their passions.

People with Passion make a difference.


Behind every passion is a growing community of people active in their desire to share the things they love about their city.

In total, over 20 passions and over 1,000 gems are currently being mapped and tracked by our people with passion so they can be showcased and shared for people to enjoy.

Here’s a ‘taster’ of what’s to come.

Squares and Public Spaces
Historic Builds
Modern Architecture
Green Spaces
Art and Creativity
Street Art
1000’s more gems and 100’s more Birmingham passions coming soon
Squares and Public Spaces

Birmingham has some stunning public spaces for people to experience both the vibe of a growing and diverse community and the culture of a city that is steeped in history.

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Historic Builds

Birmingham has taken great care to protect both its history and its heritage.

There is no better example of this than in the wonderful architecture on display in Birmingham, both in the city centre and across its neighbourhoods.

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Modern Architecture

Birmingham is clearly a City on a mission with some impressive new developments to follow and admire. Together with our people with passion, we’re mapping and tracking all the new builds.

These will add to the wonderful mix of modern architecture already on display across Birmingham.

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Green Spaces

Birmingham has 571 parks and more green and public open space than any other equivalent sized European city.

Many of these spaces have received the highly sought and prestigious green flag award.

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Art and Creativity

Art and creativity is most certainly thriving in Birmingham. It is without doubt one of Birmingham’s greatest passions. Venture out of the City and into the community to experience the vast array of creative talent on offer.

Here’s just a selection of the places and people to go and see across Birmingham.

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Street Art

If it's great street art you're looking to admire, then Birmingham is home to some of the most talented street artists in the world.

Here's just a selection of the wonderful street art you can find in places such as Southside and Digbeth.

It's so popular, we've even set up its' own community at

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Our engagement of community is far reaching.

On the one hand, we grow our reach by appealing to people who share a common interest, or as we call it, a passion.

On the other hand, we drive engagement at a local and neighbourhood level through partnerships of shared interest.

Our community reach is now over 20,000 and growing.


Partnerships are fundamental to the work of Birmingham We Are and to the growth and success of initiatives such as Birmingham Gems. Connect with us

Community partnerships

First and foremost we needed to create a partnership with the people of Birmingham. This we have started and our relationship with the City’s community continues to grow by involving them more and more in our shared values.

Throughout 2020, we will continue to grow the number of active community contributors to over 1,000. By 2022 and ahead of the Commonwealth Games we will take this to 5,000.

Business partners

Our relationship with corporates and the business community is essential to the achievement of our ambitious but achievable targets.

We’d like to thank the many organisations that have supported our work and our initiatives during the short time that Birmingham We Are has been operating.

Charities and 3rd sector

We continue to form some great working relationships with charities and organisations in third sector support roles.

These collaborations are essential to the success of so many initiatives.

Public sector

The public sector at many levels has a key role to play in our work and our future, giving direction and providing the all important introductions to ensure that our initiatives and campaigns are brought to the attention of those who can deliver even greater added value.

Recognition and thanks to :

Great Birmingham Chamber of Commerce; DLA Piper; Colin Meager & Co; Canal & River Trust; Aston University Centre for Growth; Staying Cool; NA Consulting; Click Lettings and Sales; Birmingham Awards; Purely Plantain Chips; Bottega Prosecco Bar & Restaurant; RationalFX; Heylus Recruitment; People Matters Network Ltd.


Birmingham Gems is an initiative of Birmingham We Are, a community-led partnership devoted to supporting and driving forward social value and economic impact in and across Birmingham.

This work is made possible through the provision of a large and growing digital reach and the provision of digital technology that facilitates productive collaborations between people and organisations that want to make a difference.

Together with its partners and with the engagement tools it has developed, Birmingham We Are is on a mission to grow a community that collectively contributes to the delivery of £10m of social value across the City and across Birmingham’s neighbourhoods.

To do this, we will continue to work with those with social value at their heart who can take a lead in ensuring the delivery and growth of shared community values across Birmingham and across its neighbourhoods.


Jonathan Bostock
Birmingham We Are
An initiative of:
People Matters Network Limited
B16 8SN

T: 0121 410 5520